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This article lists all locations in the Nightfall campaign by the following tree structure.


NightfallTownIcon sml.pngTormentTownIcon sml.png Town
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.pngTormentOutpostIcon sml.png Outpost
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.pngTormentCoopMissionIcon sml.png Mission
NightfallChallengeMissionIcon sml.pngTormentChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Challenge Mission
NightfallEliteMissionIcon sml.png Elite Mission
NightfallArenaIcon sml.png Arena
NightfallPOI sml.png Point of Interest

A list of all locations in the game, sorted by type can be found here: Locations (by Type)


NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Chahbek Village (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallTownIcon sml.png Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
NightfallArenaIcon sml.png Sunspear Arena
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Consulate Docks (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Sunspear Great Hall
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Champion's Dawn
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png The Astralarium
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Beknur Harbor
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Jokanur Diggings (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Blacktide Den (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.pngFahranur
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Kodlonu Hamlet
NightfallPOI sml.pngMonument of Dahlah
NightfallPOI sml.pngMonument of Nahlah


NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Venta Cemetery (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Dajkah Inlet (Challenge Mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallTownIcon sml.png Sunspear Sanctuary
NightfallPOI sml.pngArkjok
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Nundu Bay (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.png Ronjok
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Yohlon Haven
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Pogahn Passage (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.pngGandara
NightfallPOI sml.pngBokoss Prison
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Kodonur Crossroads (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Camp Hojanu
NightfallPOI sml.pngDejarin Estate
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Rilohn Refuge (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.pngFortress of Jahai
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Moddok Crevice (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.pngMahnkelon Ward


NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Wehhan Terraces
NightfallPOI sml.pngFortress of Jahai
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Chantry of Secrets
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Yahnur Market
NightfallPOI sml.png Elon River
NightfallPOI sml.png Jahinur
NightfallPOI sml.png Pojah Estates
NightfallPOI sml.png Hanging Gardens of Jahin
NightfallTownIcon sml.png The Kodash Bazaar
NightfallPOI sml.png Grand Forum of Vabb
NightfallPOI sml.png Font of Lyss
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Jennur's Horde (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Tihark Orchard (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Basalt Grotto
NightfallPOI sml.png Sebelkeh Basilica
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Grand Court of Sebelkeh (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Honur Hill
NightfallPOI sml.png Garden of Seborhin
NightfallPOI sml.png Dzalana
NightfallPOI sml.png Citadel of Dzagon
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Dzagonur Bastion (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.png Halls of Chokhin
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Mihanu Township
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Dasha Vestibule (mission) ... (outpost)

The Desolation[]

NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Gate of Desolation (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.pngGate of Desolation
NightfallPOI sml.pngSulfurous Wastelands
NightfallChallengeMissionIcon sml.png Remains of Sahlahja (Challenge Mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Bone Palace
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png Lair of the Forgotten
NightfallOutpostIcon sml.png The Mouth of Torment
NightfallPOI sml.pngVortex
NightfallCoopMissionIcon sml.png Ruins of Morah (mission) ... (outpost)

Realm of Torment[]

TormentTownIcon sml.png Gate of Torment
NightfallPOI sml.pngVortex
TormentChallengeMissionIcon sml.png The Shadow Nexus (Challenge Mission) ... (outpost)
TormentOutpostIcon sml.png Gate of the Nightfallen Lands
TormentCoopMissionIcon sml.png Gate of Pain (mission) ... (outpost)
TormentOutpostIcon sml.png Gate of Fear
TormentOutpostIcon sml.png Gate of Secrets
TormentCoopMissionIcon sml.png Gate of Madness (mission) ... (outpost)
NightfallPOI sml.png Atrocity Library
NightfallPOI sml.pngTemple of the Six Gods
TormentCoopMissionIcon sml.png Abaddon's Gate (mission) ... (outpost)

Domain of Anguish (sub-region)[]

NightfallEliteMissionIcon sml.png Gate of Anguish (mission) ... (outpost) ... (explorable)
NightfallPOI sml.pngThe Ebony Citadel of Mallyx