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Lornar's Pass
Lornar's Pass.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Prophecies
Region Southern Shiverpeaks
Map area 1.81%
Neighbors Beacon's Perch
Dreadnought's Drift
Services Collector
Lornar's Pass map.jpg
Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


Lornar's Pass is an explorable area bridging the Northern Shiverpeaks with the Southern Shiverpeaks. It is the first area passed through in the Droknar's Forge run. This area is unique in a few ways. Most noticeably, it is the only explorable area that offers access to the Realms of the Gods (see statue information below).

Lornar's Pass is also one of the most difficult/time consuming places to capture skills in the game (excluding the Pinesoul bosses). This is because the 6 player parties that enter from Beacon's Perch are at a disadvantage versus the large mobs, while starting from Camp Rankor or Deldrimor War Camp requires a treacherous journey through Snake Dance and Dreadnought's Drift. Also, all of the elites available here can be found in the Frozen Forest, further into the southern Shiverpeaks. This area has been made more difficult a number of times in various updates in an attempt to curb the number of runners performing the Droknar Run, noticably by introducing Ice Imps and enemies which cast Muddy Terrain to try and slow runners down without making the journey too difficult for those wishing to fight their way through.


Towns and outposts[]

Explorable areas[]

Points of interest[]

Grenth's Statue[]

  • There is a large Statue of Grenth in the southwestern corner of the zone. In addition to being an impressive landmark, this statue also allows a party access to the Underworld, this is the only way to get there from an explorable area, certain restrictions apply, see The Underworld for details.







Bug.png Bug! When approaching Beacon's Perch from Lornar's Pass, the entrance doors may appear shut. However, you can still enter the outpost; simply ignore the visual and walk right in.