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Disambiguous.png This article is about the NPC found in Remains of Sahlahja (outpost). For other uses, see Lost Soul.
Lost Soul
Lost Soul Remains of Sahlahja.jpg
Species: Ghost
Profession: Challenge Mission Starter
Level(s): 20


This Lost Soul is the mission access NPC for the Remains of Sahlahja Challenge Mission.



"Oh thank the gods! A living creature, here at last! Please, you must help us. The tombs have become corrupted, and it's affecting the spirits who rest within. They are awake and trapped, unable to return to the Mists. I beg of you, use your undead wurms to destroy the insects infesting the tombs so that the souls within can finally find peace."
What sort of ghost hunt is this?
"The tombs have been corrupted by vicious insects. The spirits contained within the tombs cannot return to the Mists and are becoming restless. Use your undead wurm to consume the insects so that the corruption will fade. One warning: some of the spirits have fallen victim to the corruption and now desire only your most painful death. The stronger insects hold great power and if defeated might grant you temporary strength to use against the spirits. If you see any friendly lost souls wandering about, use your wurm to consume their earthly form and free them into the Mists."
How do I defeat spirits who want to swallow my soul whole?
"Use your wurm's skills to your advantage. The maddened spirits may be powerful, but they are, after all, only dead shells of pain and anguish. They are not nearly as fast or clever as a living being. Take advantage of the power of the greater insects in the tombs, and you may be able to do away with the spirits entirely. Catch lost souls as soon as you can, because they can vanish quickly and without warning, much like your life."
How do I score more points?
"As you clear out the infestations, you will notice your score going up. Each minor infestation is worth 1 point. Each greater infestation is worth 3 points. In addition, destroying a greater infestation will allow you to damage the maddened spirits that normally cannot be harmed. Should you happen to destroy the maddened spirit, you will gain 4 points! For the highest, try to free as many lost souls as possible. Destroying a lost soul's physical presence not only frees the soul, but also scores you 8 points!"
What is a Challenge Mission?
"A Challenge Mission is a competition to see who can score the most points. Challenge Missions only end once your party is defeated. You can see how your score ranks against others by visiting the keeper of Records in the Challenge Mission outpost."
I am ready.