Lost Treasure

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Overview[edit | edit source]


  • Meet Raitahn Nem inside Minister Cho's Estate.
  • Find Raitahn Nem's treasure.
  • Keep Raitahn Nem alive.
  • See Raitahn Nem for your reward.

Obtained from

Raitahn Nem in Ran Musu Gardens


Minister Cho's Estate (mission)
Canthan Character



"You have been inside the Minister's Estate? If you were able to survive in there, you might be just the person I have been looking for. You see, I know the location of a great... treasure within the estate grounds. Now that the minister's guard is in chaos, a few brave souls might make their way back into the estate and become very... enriched. I am heading in at rate. Join me if you wish."
"Glad to see you, friend. Follow me...."
"This place is even more dangerous than I imagined. Dead guards everywhere.... Keep moving. It is not far now."
"We are almost there. Keep your eyes out for those guards. Something very strange is going on here."
"Keep up. The treasure is near."
"I pray these rampaging guards have not found the... er, the treasure yet."
"My... the treasure is this way, friend."
"Hurry! They may have her even now!"
"Precious Treasure! My heart soars to see you safe! I feared the worst. Now let us escape this place... Ah, a moment, beloved. I must speak to my companion."

Reward Dialogue

"I must level with you, my friend: there is no treasure but my beloved, Jaje Niya. Though her name means Precious Treasure in the ancient toungue, I suppose she is not quite the treasure you were hoping for. I apologize for the deception, but I did not think anyone foolhardy enough to come in here with me simply for the sake of helping me find her. I will not ask more of you, we can find our way back safely. Here is something to compensate you for your trouble."

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

This quest is not available to Tyrian or Elonian characters. This prevents such characters from gaining an excess of Attribute Points.

Map to the treasure.

Start at Ran Musu Gardens and Meet Raitahn right outside (A on map). Follow him through the Minister Cho's Estate area. The monsters are similar to those found in the mission. Stay close to Raitahn because if your party separately aggro enemies he will not come back to help you. If you lose touch with him he sometimes stalls and will not complete the mission and you cannot finish it without him. When he reaches a cave (B), he will find the treasure and you have completed the mission.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Bug.png Bug! There is a chance that Raitahn Nem gets stuck on the stairs, and will so not move from his position anymore. If this happens, restart the quest by going back to the outpost and revisiting him at Minister Cho's Estate.
Bug.png Bug! Don't travel before accepting the quest reward. You can't get it from Raitahn in Ran Musu Garden and he won't reappear in Cho's estate.