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Lucky and Unlucky are titles granted to an account for winning items such as Festival Tickets or Candy Cane Shards in Rings of Fortune or Nine Rings, which have only been available during certain Special events in the past. Points are also earned when attempting to open a chest with a lockpick: Lucky points if it is retained, or Unlucky points if it is destroyed.

Lucky title track[]

Rank Title Tickets won Lockpick retention bonus
1 Charmed 50,000 2%
2 Lucky 100,000 4%
3 Favored 250,000 6%
4 Prosperous 500,000 8%
5 Golden 1,000,000 10%
6 Blessed by Fate 2,500,000 12%

Unlucky title track[]

Rank Title Games lost
1 Hapless 5,000
2 Unlucky 10,000
3 Unfavored 25,000
4 Tragic 50,000
5 Wretched 100,000
6 Jinxed 250,000
7 Cursed by Fate 500,000


Lucky points are acquired by:

Unlucky points are acquired by:


For each rank of the Lucky title track earned, the chance of retaining a lockpick when opening a chest is increased by 2 percent. This stacks with the retention bonus from the Treasure Hunter title. See the lockpick article for details about retention rates.


  • At rank 2 in either Unlucky or Lucky, you can display a statue on your Monument of Honor.

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