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Lunar Fortune
Lunar Fortune.png
Subtype Package
Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Factions
Uses 1

A Lunar Fortune is a reward for participating in the Canthan New Year celebration.


Double-click to use while in an explorable area.



Under the effects of Spiritual Possession

Receiving a Miniature Pig from a Lunar Fortune

Receiving a Miniature Ox from a Lunar Fortune

Your new year will be a blessed one!
You will find bad luck in this new year ...or bad luck will find you!
Something special is in your future!
  • 100 Gold
You will have a prosperous new year!
You will celebrate a festive new year!
Your new year will be blessed by the celestials themselves!

You can add drop data at Drop rate/Lunar Fortune.


  • Lunar Fortunes are identified by the year they were given out, e.g. Lunar Fortune [Year of the Pig].
    • Each year's fortunes can only contain the relevant miniature, e.g. Year of the Rat fortunes can drop only Miniature Celestial Rats.
    • Lunar Fortunes of the same year stack with each other, but not with those from other years.
  • Unlike nearly any other gift, items that drop from the fortunes fall to the ground (they are 'not placed into inventory), except for cash.
    • Remember to pick them up before resigning or zoning.
    • Be careful when opening large numbers of fortunes; if you disconnect and cannot rejoin your party, you will lose any items left on the ground.

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