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  1. Deliver the Luxon supplies to Quartermaster Hector.

Obtained from

Supplymaster Keleos in the Archipelagos



"Wonderful. Another outsider expecting favors for nothing. Listen, friend, if you want the Luxons to help you, you'd better be ready to help us first. The Kurzicks think they can outlast us, but we have enough supplies to last for years to come. The problem? The supplies are here, and the troops that need them are on the front lines. The blasted Kurzicks attack every supply caravan I send, and I can't spare the guards to fend them off. We need another way to get the supplies to the front. If you want our help, you just volunteered for the job. Deliver these supplies to Quartermaster Hector, and we Luxons will consider your request for assistance."
Accept: "The Quartermaster will have them in no time."
Reject: "Do I look like a delivery boy?"

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Quartermaster Hector: "Help! These savage beasts are trying to eat me for dinner!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Quartermaster Hector: "Thanks for your help. Those foul creatures snuck up on me while I wasn't paying attention."

Reward Dialogue

"You have proven yourself a friend of the Luxons. Thank you."


Start the quest from Breaker Hollow and follow the quest marker. You will have to pass through several groups of Creeping Carp, Scuttle Fish and Irukandji, a few groups of Kurzicks and the occasional Oni spawn. At the end, you have to be quick in protecting Quartermaster Hector, for he will be under attack by the Scuttle Fish and the Kurzicks (if they spawn near him). If you successfully save Hector, you can give him the supplies for your reward. Keep in mind that Hector will not accept the supplies while fighting.


  • This quest is repeatable every time you zone into the Archipelagos.
  • Each member of the party needs to bring their own supply chest to get the reward.
  • This can also combine well with The Jade Arena. Take the supplies, and head off to the arena. Drop them just before the fight, win it, collect the reward, and then pick the supplies back up and head off to deliver them. At the very least, this saves the need to pay twice for the Blessing.