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Mural in the Breach.

Mural in Gandara, the Moon Fortress.

Dervish as Avatar of Lyssa

Lyssa (sometimes only called Lyss) is the twin goddess of beauty and illusion. She is the patroness goddess of Mesmers and Assassins. She is also associated with Energy, Chaos and the attributes of Energy Storage and Mysticism.

The twin goddesses of beauty and illusion, many a spell caster has fallen under the charms of these two, making it easy for them to choose to specialize in the mesmeric arts. Lyssa is usually portrayed in her natural state; a pair of twain, intertwined goddesses, back to back, no illusions or glamours involved. There are stories of young men stopping to gaze longingly at statues of the beautiful goddesses, only to forget themselves and die of thirst while simply looking on.

-- Taken from the Lore booklet.

This inscription can be found on the Statue of Lyssa:

And it was, that a stranger came to the village of Wren seeking shelter and employment. Though young in years, her body was stooped and twisted, her flesh eaten by disease.

"Ye have the mark of plague upon ye," said the citizen named Gallrick. "Leave this place lest you sicken our people."

"I've lost my family and my home," cried the desperate woman. "Have you no heart?"

Yet each person, in turn, did look away.

Then from the crowd came a young woman, Sara. She looked upon the woman with pity. "If you need help," said Sara, "I will give it." And Sara did approach the gnarled, bent woman and did offer her a helping hand.

Then the sickened woman pulled from her body the robes of plague, revealing Herself to be the goddess Lyssa.

The people of Wren fell to their knees, begging Lyssa's mercy. But lifting Sara gently, saith She, "True beauty is measured not by appearance but by actions and deeds. Many have eyes, but few have seen. Of all here, you saw the beauty behind the illusion. And you alone shall be blessed with My gifts."

-- Scriptures of Lyssa: 45 BE

The Festival of Lyss is an annual Vabbian celebration held on the Day of Lyss, to honor the goddess Lyssa, patroness of Vabbi, who, according to the lore, "shaped the land" and "molded the Vabbians in her own glorious image".

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  • In Greek Mythology, Lyssa was the goddess of madness and rage (rabies).
  • Lyssa is also the name of the princess in the 80s movie Krull.