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Maguuma Spider Web
Maguuma Spider Web.png
Salvage item
Subtype Salvage remains
Rarity Common
Value 20 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Prophecies
Common salvage Pile of Glittering Dust: 1
Rare salvage Bolt of Silk: 1
Nicholas the Traveler
Week of 26 Nov 2018
Location Reed Bog
Quantity 1

Nicholas the Traveler location Reed Bog.jpg
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Maguuma Spider Webs are salvage items dropped by Spiders in the Maguuma Jungle.

What drops it[]



Reed Bog
A group of 2-3 spiders spawns just north of the portal to The Falls (right before the vine bridge), and 5 groups spawn in a short corridor to the east. If you're feeling adventurous, keep going, and you'll find 4 more groups on the way to the Ettin's Back portal, all of them spawning underneath vine arches.
The Wilds (mission)
A large number of Maguuma Spiders in the western half of the area.