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Ahoy there, welcome to GuildWiki,
The pirate's choice for wiki information on Guild Wars.

Elonian Support Bonus — 31 March 2014[]

The Land of the Golden Sun requires your aid! Receive double Sunspear and Lightbringer points (excluding completed books) as you battle across Elona. Weekly bonuses last until 3PM GMT on Monday.

Codex Arena Bonus — 31 March 2014[]

Playing by the rules is twice as rewarding this week. Double Balthazar faction and Codex title points while fighting in the Codex Arena! Weekly bonuses last until 3PM GMT on Moday.


[edit] Daily loot

This week's loot
Last update: Monday, 23:11 (UTC)
Gift of the Traveler Nicholas the Traveler is hording

1 Guardian Moss in Maishang Hills , be sure to take advantage.

Today's loot (7-day forecast)
Professor Yakkington Nicholas Sandford: Grawl Necklaces
Tomorrow: Enchanted Lodestones
Shining Blade bounties Wanted by the Shining Blade: Joh the Hostile
Tomorrow: Barthimus the Provident
Zaishen Challenges Cut the throat of: Vengeful Aatxe
Bounty board: Gyala Hatchery
Raid: Jade Quarry
Tomorrow: Fronis Irontoe, Abaddon's Gate, and Random Arena

[edit] Up on deck, what ye be seein'?

New... stolen booty, pillaged articles, tavern brawls, pirate photos

[edit] Game basics

  • Guides – Why go through a mission not knowing how to play, when we've played it for ye? Raids have never been so fun.

[edit]Guilds, professions, skills, and gear

  • Quick access links – Get to the treasure as fast as ye can.
  • Professions – What kind of pirate be ye?
    • Skills – Things a pirate's got to know how to do: swashbucklin', hornswagglin', keelhaulin'...
    • Elite Skills – Where to raid for the elite skills for each profession.
  • Armor – Ye ain't goin' to the raid naked, are ye?
  • Weapons – Swords, cutlasses, daggers. And other things a pirate wouldn't touch.
  • Items – Rum, ale, grog, and other swag.
  • Guilds – Join a guild, then rip them all off.
    • Alliances – Allies, until ye stab them in the back.
  • Heroes and Henchmen – Managing yer groups of unruly henchmen.
  • Titles – Bragging rights, ARRRR!
  • Builds – Combinations of skills.
    • PvXwiki – PvX stands for Pirates vs Anything.

[edit] Gameplay types

PvE – Pirates vs. Environment

  • Quick access links – Commonly shanghaied information by campaign.
  • Storyline – Captain's Log.
    • Lore – The history of everything unimportant.
    • Missions – Where to get the treasure.
    • Quests – More treasure to be found.
    • Dungeons – Loot them all.
  • Locations – A list of all good taverns... and some other worthless places.
    • Maps – Don't forget where ye stashed yer loot!
    • Hall of Monuments – Display rare booty and precious items.
  • The Bestiary – Target 1-265, STAB FASTER.
    • Bosses – Unique enemies to test your mettle, take 'em on with yer bare hands.
  • Non-player characters – Quartermasters, whittlers, mermaids, and pirates.

PvP – Pirates vs. Pirates

[edit] We are currently maintaining 19,336 articles and we could use your help.

  • Register – Ye can't become a famous pirate if ye don't have a pirate name!
  • How to help – Help us help ye, or we'll cut yer throat.
  • Improvement project – Many major articles need to be improved. See the articles which need to be improved and help improve them.
  • Policy – No mutiny allowed, never stopped us before.
  • Style and formatting — And yer mum said pirates don't have rules.
  • Suggestions — Make suggestions to help us improve the mess hall.
  • GuildWiki on IRC — Join us on YARC!

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