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A Mandragor Slither, a typical Mandragor.

Mandragors are a species in the bestiary of Guild Wars. They seem to be a merger of insects and plants, but technically they belong to neither of these two species. They have exoskeletons and drop carapaces like insects, but they also have root-like projections and drop different roots like plants. They seem to be amphibious, can be found in marshes and areas by the water. They burrow underground and pop up to surprise travelers and move at a very high speed.

Known Subtypes[]

Region Type Collectable Drop
Nightfall Campaign
Istan Warrior3, 11 Mandragor Slither
Necromancer3, 12 Mandragor Imp
Elementalist13 Stoneflesh Mandragor
Mandragor Carapace (low-level)
Mandragor Swamproot (mid-level)
Kourna Warrior22 (26) Mandragor Slither
Necromancer22 (26) Mandragor Imp
Elementalist22 (26) Stoneflesh Mandragor
Mandragor Root
The Desolation Warrior22 (26) Mandragor Terror
Necromancer22 (26) Ravenous Mandragor
Elementalist22 (26) Mandragor Sand Devil
Mandragor Husk
Eye of the North Expansion
Far Shiverpeaks Ranger20 (26) Mandragor Scavenger
Necromancer20 (26) Ulcerous Mandragor
Mesmer20 (26) Dreamroot Mandragor
Dervish20 (26) Mystic Mandragor
Frigid Mandragor Husk
Charr Homelands Ranger24 (26) Mandragor Dust Devil
Ranger24 (26) Mandragor Smoke Devil
Necromancer24 (26) Vile Mandragor
Assassin24 (26) Mandragor Shadowfang
Fibrous Mandragor Root

Hard mode levels are included in brackets

For a list of all mandragors, including bosses, see Category:Mandragors


  • In higher level areas GW:EN mandragors can be quite dangerous, bringing down unwary parties quickly with AoE hexes/conditions and mass degeneration.