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Disambiguous.png This article is about the quest Mantid Hatchlings. For the monster with a similar name, see Mantid Hatchling.



  1. Meet Instructor Ng at the gate.
  2. Defeat 18 more Mantid Hatchlings.
  3. See Instructor Ng for your reward.

Obtained from

Instructor Ng in Monastery Overlook.



"For this quest, I need your aid in clearing the training grounds here of some of the annoying mantid hatchlings that have infested the place. But before you can help me, you must formally accept the quest. Please accept this quest now."

Reward Dialogue

"Excellent work, <name>! I will explain a few last things, and then I believe you are ready to enter the monastery."


This is a tutorial quest explaining the basics of combat. Simply follow Ng's instructions and you should be fine. The Mantid Hatchlings and Mantid Drone Hatchlings that you have to fight are easy to defeat.


  • Only Resurrection Signet is actually given as reward. Two other skills per profession are given to help you complete the quest.
  • If you do choose to skip it, you will gain the same amount of reward exp, however, you will lose about 250 exp from killing the hatchings and needless to say, all the drops.
  • Skipping: If you choose not to do this mission, you proceed directly to Shing Jea Monastery, but you still get all the rewards.
Bug.png Bug! There's a minor bug with this quest. If you kill the two Mantid Hatchlings across the bridge (before the Resurrection Shrine area) before the lone Mantid Hatchling, you cannot go any farther in the quest. You'll have to restart your character.
Bug.png Bug! If the player types "/resign" before finishing this quest, they will be returned to the Monastery Overlook, but they will be unable to return to finish the quest.