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  1. Map travel to Kamadan and speak to Alekaya.
  2. See Alekaya for your reward.

Obtained from

Mauban in the Plains of Jarin


Nightfall Character



"Hey, guess what? My mom showed me how to map travel the other day! It's amazing! I just look at my map and select a place I've already been, and I go there instantly! It only works on cities I've marked with a big gold and green symbol, but once I start going to other towns and outposts I'll end up finding more places I can travel to instantly. I just saw you come out of town, so you should have a marker for town on your map. You should click on it and go tell my mom thanks for inventing map travel!"
Accept: "Wow, that does sound handy. I think I'll try it!"
Reject: "I'm busy, kid. Why don't you "map travel" away from me?"

Intermediate Dialogue (Alekaya)

"Sigh.... Another one? I'm sorry, ever since I taught Mauban how to map travel he thinks that I invented it. I've tried to tell him I didn't invent it, but he just won't listen. Well, at least he's trying to help others by showing them how to map travel. It's really quite easy. Once you enter an outpost or a town you usually get a symbol on your map. You can travel back to that location anytime you want, just by clicking the symbol."

Reward Dialogue

"Thanks for putting up with Mauban. I know he can be overly eager. I'm sure you have much more important things to be doing, so please take this as a small apology for my son's enthusiasm and for taking the time to come talk to me."


Speak to Mauban just east of the portal to the Sunspear Great Hall to get the quest. Travel to Kamadan and speak to Alekaya. Speak to Alekaya again for your reward.


  • It does not matter whether you map travel or simply walk into Kamadan, either way, next time you enter the city, the quest reward will be available after talking to Alekaya.