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To map travel, simply open the in-game map by pressing the M key (M is the default) or clicking on Menu and then Map Travel. Doubleclick a location on the map to "teleport" there. Using this feature greatly reduces the time necessary to traverse the huge world of Guild Wars.

You can travel to any staging area you've "unlocked". To unlock a location on your map, you must have been there before (usually by walking there on foot or by completing a mission or quest).

If there is a ship on your map (you may have to zoom out to see it), you can doubleclick that to travel to another continent (only if you have been there before, of course). Only one city per continent is listed, but once there, you can map travel again to reach other locations on that continent. The Great Temple of Balthazar destination brings you to the PvP Battle Isles.

Party Travel[]

A player that has only henchmen and heroes in his party travels as if he was solo. A player can also map travel alone if he chooses to leave his party behind.

To travel as a group of players together, however, the following conditions must be met:

  • the group leader initiates map travel using his map
  • the party is in a staging area (Town, Outpost or Mission location)
  • all players have unlocked the destination (players that haven't must be left behind)
  • the destination allows for the current group size.

A 10-second countdown informing the party members of the destination is then displayed. Any player not wishing to travel must leave the group before the time is up; the group leader may cancel the countdown.


  • A party travels from an explorable area to the last visted outpost when every party member enters /resign in chat. From there, the party leader can initiate map travel as usual.
  • If a player travels away from his party while in an explorable area, a "copy" of his heroes will remain with the party as long as they remain in the area.
  • A party leader may have to leave his party first before he can travel alone.
  • A player who map travels out of an ongoing PvP match receives dishonor points.