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===[[Marga Coast]] quests===
===[[Marga Coast]]===
*[[Chuno]]: [[Drake in a Cage]]
*[[Chuno]]: [[Drake in a Cage]] (Koss Required)
*[[Elder Jonah]]: [[Capturing the Signet of Capture]]
*[[Chuno]]: [[Feeding Frenzy]]
*[[Chuno]]: [[Insatiable Appetite]] [[image:Recharge.png|18px]]
*[[Elder Jonah]]: [[Melonni's Meditations]]
*[[Elder Jonah]]: [[Capturing the Signet of Capture]] [[Image:Signet of Capture.png|16px]] ([[Nightfall]] characters only)
*[[Herdsman Zakanu]]: [[Herds to the Slaughter]]
*[[Elder Jonah]]: [[Melonni's Meditations]] (Melonni Required)
*[[Elder Jonah]]: [[Undead Defenders]]
*[[Herdsman Zekanu]]: [[Herds to the Slaughter]]
*[[Margrid the Sly]]: [[No Me, No Kormir]] [[image:Hero_Icon.jpg|18px]] (Primary Quest)
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