Mask of the Mo Zing
Profession: Common Common-icon.png
Campaign: Eye of the North
Collector only


The Mask of the Mo Zing is a piece of headgear for all professions, available in the Eye of the North expansion.

Like all Eye of the North common headgears, it has the maximum armor rating for the profession of the character that crafts it, can be upgraded with a rune and an insignia, and provides +1 to the attribute of the rune applied to it.

Clipping.png Clipping issues: This has clipping issues with characters that have a long beard and also with most armors that cover the back of the neck. (with beard) (back of neck)


Location Crafter Armor Collectible
Grothmar Wardowns Vael* max 250 Superb Charr Carvings

*You must complete the quest Single Ugly Grawl Seeks Same for Mindless Destruction in Ascalon before Vael will act as a collector.

Dye Chart

Dye affects the whole mask.

  • Note: A near black color can be achieved on this mask by applying a single green and single purple dye at once.
Mask of the Mo Zing F dye chart.jpg


  • Mo Zing means 'without a master' so this could be translated to "Mask of the Masterless".
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