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The Master of the North title tracks your progress in the Eye of the North story line. It increases as you complete important quests, dungeons, vanquish areas, and explore the map.

Master of the North title track[]

Rank Title Eye of the North mastery points:
1 Adventurer of the North 100
2 Pioneer of the North 200
3 Veteran of the North 350
4 Conqueror of the North 550
5 Master of the North 750
6 Legendary Master of the North 1000

Gaining points[]

The following table outlines the accomplishments which give Master of the North points.

Accomplishment Points per Unit # of quests/areas Sum Points Total points
Normal Hard Normal Hard
Primary quests1 5 10 11 55 110 165
Dungeon quests2 10 20 18 180 360 540
Vanquishing3 - 15 15 - 225 225
Cartography4 Varies 15 105 105
Grand Total   1035
1 These are the quests recorded in the Hero's Handbook, with the exception of the "summary" quests: The Beginning of the End, The Missing Vanguard, Northern Allies, The Knowledgeable Asura, and Against the Destroyers.
2 These are the quests recorded in the Master Dungeon Guide.
3 For details on the numbers of foes in each area, see the GWEN section of the Vanquisher article.
4 Most players can obtain 101 cartography points through standard mapping methods. Some players have employed extraordinary measures such as portal jumping to obtain up to 105 points. However, these extra points are not enough to affect the number of other tasks (dungeons/vanquishing) that a character must complete for the title.
  • Note that because there are at least 30 extra points, you do not have to complete every task to earn the max title.

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