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  1. Check on Pelei on the Plains of Jarin and see if she's safe.
  2. Help Pelei by slaying 10 Killer Iboga.
  3. See Kahlim [Material Trader] for your reward.

Obtained from

Kahlim in Kamadan.


Nightfall character


  • Uses remaining: 25


"I sent my daughter, Pelei, out to gather plant fibers hours ago. I'm worried about her... she should have been back by now. I can't possibly leave my store at this hour of the day to go look for her. Could you possibly go to the Plains of Jarin and see if she's all right? It would mean a lot to me."

Intermediate Dialogue (Pelei)

"I can't believe this. I know he means well, but my father worries about me too much! Now he's sending adventures to find me? I'm almost 18, but he thinks I'm a helpless little girl. I'm only late because of these Killer Iboga. I've been faming plant fibers out here for years, but for some reason these plants are getting stronger and tougher recently. Could you help me by killing a few? Then I can hurry back to town before my father worries himself to death."

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you for helping my darling Pelei. I know she's growing up, but in my eyes she'll always be my precious little girl. Here's a salvage kit for your trouble. It's a material trader's best friend. Anyone can collect materials from slain monsters. But if you use a salvage kit on weapons and armor you no longer need, you can turn that old junk into useful materials that can be used to craft other items. And any materials you don't need for crafting, you can always sell to me."


Find Pelei west of Kamadan on the Plains of Jarin and speak with her. Kill 10 of the Killer Iboga. Return to Kahlim for your reward.


This quest is likely named after the song by Madonna.


  • If you kill some of the Killer Iboga before you talk to her, you don't get credit for those kills in the quest count.
  • If you don't kill all 10 Killer Iboga after talking to her and complete other quests instead the arrow on the compass doesn't come back when you return to complete the quest.