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Read and follow the image use policy! Failure to adhere to these guidelines will result in your image being replaced or deleted. Most importantly:

  • name your files descriptively to avoid confusion. Images with generic names will be deleted and you will be asked to reupload the image.
  • select the correct licensing description to prevent copyright infringement. If the image is a screenshot of Guild Wars, you need to select the option "This is a screenshot from the game" in the Licensing field below.

With very few exceptions, all images should be in the .jpg format. The .png format is also allowed but should only be used for small images like inventory icons.

If you are uploading a new version of an existing image, please be aware that it may sometimes take a few minutes for the cached version of the image and thumbnails to be updated. There is no need to re-upload your image, just be patient.

For help on uploading files or using images in wiki articles, see Help:Uploading files and Help:Displaying images.