Melodic Gaki Flute

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Path to the Melodic Gaki


  1. Hunt down and kill the melodic gaki. Retrieve its melodic horn and return to Vasili Lutgardis.
  2. See Vasili Lutgardis for your reward.

Obtained from

Vasili Lutgardis in House zu Heltzer



"Can I help you? Better yet, can you help me? Business has never been better, and my waiting list isn't getting shorter! But being a legendary instrument crafter is harder than it looks. I'm so busy, I do not have the time to craft any truly unique masterpieces. If I am to become a true legend beyond this rather provincial market, I need help collecting the most rare and expensive components for my new creations.
Take this, for example, my secret design for a new musical instrument neither seen nor heard ever before! Yes, I speek of the one and only melodic gaki flute! I have all the parts I need, expensive and polished and ready to piece together. All that remains is the piece that really puts the melodic gaki in the melodic gaki flute, by which I mean the melodic gaki horn. Now, some say that the melodic gaki is a myth, but I say, nonsense! Why, I saw it myself, only a few... decades ago. Surrounded by dangerous...
That is, look, friend, I've got orders to fill. Just bring me a melodic gaki horn, and you'll be rewarded. Or my name isn't Vasili Lutgardis!"
Accept: "Sounds like the mythical melodic gaki needs to die."
Reject: "Are you crazy? Gaki are a myth."
When asked about quest: "The melodic gaki may be a myth, but I can't become a wealthy, grateful legend until I get a melodic gaki horn. Did I mention grateful."

Reward Dialogue

"So the melodic gaki really does exist! I never doubted it for a moment, of course not. Why, I even let word slip that I was working on a new instrument, and my waiting list has gone through the roof! And once I can learn how to replicate the shape and tenor of the melodic gaki horn using less expensive short-nosed gakilids... but I digress. Please take this reward. I think this is going to be a profitable partnership!"


Discord Wallow Lyre

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]

Follow the green quest star to the Gaki. The path to the Gaki isn't too far, but there are a fair number of monster mobs on the way. You can easily do it with henchmen or heroes. Kill the Gaki and get the horn that he drops. Return and claim you reward.