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Disambiguous.png This article is about the customizable Hero. For the NPC that registers and creates mercenaries, see Mercenary registrar. For the now-defunct PvP types, Warsong Mercenary, Cultist Mercenary, and Mystic Mercenary, see Hero Battles.

Mercenary Hero slots allow players to use any existing level 20 characters on an active Guild Wars account as a hero. Slots can be purchased through the NCSoft or Guild Wars in-game store in one, three or eight slot increments.

Creating a Mercenary Hero[]

To activate the Mercenary feature, a player must speak with a Mercenary registrar using the character they wish to register as a hero. This creates a Mercenary Hero clone of the character which can be used by all other characters on the account. Characters cannot use their own Mercenary Hero clone.

These new Mercenary Heroes start out with:

  • No weapon or offhand item.
  • <Profession>'s Mercenary Armor with base stats for the profession's maximum armor. This armor will not have any runes or insignias by default.
    • The appearance of the character's armor will match what the base character was visibly wearing at the time of registration, with exceptions:
      • Guild capes are never copied to a Mercenary Hero.
      • The base character's headgear will always be visible on a Mercenary, even if it was hidden. This can be overridden with a costume/festival hat or by unequipping the headgear before registering the character.
      • If the base character was in a tonic form while registering to be a Mercenary, the form is not carried over.
  • No equipped skills.
  • A personality type chosen by you that determines the hero's dialogue during battle and while idle.
Bug.png Bug! Mercenary heroes will not use any dialogue if they have no weapon equipped.

Mercenary Heroes that have been created might not appear for a different character till that character speaks with a mercenary registrar.

Comparing Mercenary Heroes and standard heroes[]

Mercenary Heroes, once created, operate under the same restrictions and mechanics as standard heroes, including:

  • Mercenary Heroes cannot use PvE-only skills.
  • They can only use items customized for the current character, not their base character.
  • Like other heroes, only Mercenary Heroes in the first three hero slots can be controlled individually by compass flags.

Character and hero deletion[]

Deleting the base character[]

Deleting the base character does not affect the Mercenary Hero clone of that character. It is possible to use a single character slot to create many Mercenary Heroes by creating a PvP character, registering him or her as a Mercenary Hero, and then deleting the character and repeating the process.

Deleting the Mercenary Hero[]

  • When deleted, a Mercenary Hero is no longer available to any character on the account. The items equipped on the hero will be permanently lost if the next Mercenary to occupy its slot is not of the same profession.
    • You must manually type the character's name to confirm deletion.
  • Once deleted, you can create a new Mercenary Hero based on the same character.
  • Deleting and re-creating a Mercenary Hero is the only way to change the name, personality, and appearance of the hero.