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Path To Ore Darkwhip


  1. Go to the Iron Horse Mine and kill Ore Darkwhip.
  2. Deliver the War Machine Plans to Rangil Ironbow.

Obtained from

Rangil Ironbow in Traveler's Vale


Minaar's Trouble


Slashing damage 7-19 (req. 5 Axe Mastery)
Note: This Battle Axe has the skin of a Dwarven Axe.


"Before he left, Minaar told me about something he overheard while he was a prisoner. The guards seemed very excited about the arrival of someone called Ore Darkwhip. Seems he was bringing plans for some great new war machine they mean to use against all the humans raging around the mountains these days. I think ye ought to head back into the Iron Horse Mine, and find Ore Darkwhip, and steal those plans."

Reward Dialogue

"Hmm... Let me see what these say..."
"Hoarfrost of the Shiverpeaks. That's the mother of all war machines! I don't even see how they'd move it! Oh, wait, I see. Clever, that... Deldrimor's Beard, this could be trouble!"


Iron Horse War Machine


Similar to Minaar's Trouble, you must head north into the cave. Then you have to walk through it, past the spot where Minaar Stonesledge was, to the other side. There are raised walkways on the other side of the cave. After exiting the cave, take the path on the right to find Ore Darkwhip, who will be accompanied by another boss. Kill him and he will drop the War Machine Plans.

Tip: If you have the quest The Wayward Monk active, you can use Cynn as an extra damage dealer.