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Mini Grey Giant.jpg

The Gray Giant is an exclusive miniature acquired only by purchasing a magazine participating in an ArenaNet promotion.

There's an access key printed on page 96 (in GameStar, the access key is printed on the case of an enclosed CD). While this exclusive miniature is only initially available to Nightfall owners, it can be traded to any Guild Wars player from any Chapter.

  • Go to Kamadan, the port city of Elona. (Nightfall Only)
  • Accept "The Toy's Story" quest from the NPC Mahk, and complete quest to get Miniature Gray Giant.

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Gray Giant Magazine Offer

Compared to player


  • The "/special" command can be used to retrieve the broken toy (and any other special items attached to your account) in any town/outpost. The Miniature Gray Giant (like the Kuunavang from Factions, and Varesh from Nightfall collectors editions) are specific to the player's account, and will only be activated once with this command.
  • Exception: If you lost your broken toy item during the PvE Preview event, you may now recover it one time.
  • The miniature is actually that of an Awakened Gray Giant, an undead incarnation of the desert Gray giants, the Nomad Giant and the Sadistic Giant.