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  1. Talk to Professor Gai again when you are ready to kill the raving minions.
  2. Kill 5 raving minions.

Obtained from

Professor Gai in Sunqua Vale


Profession: Ritualist

Skills given

The following skills are given upfront, not as a reward:



The onus is again upon the Ritualists to attend to the Necromancers' foul leavings. One of their number has lost control of an agglomeration of minions, which are now loose in the cemetary [sic]. I want you to take care of this problem for us. It will prove useful in evaluating your abilities. I shall give you some skills that may prove useful in dealing with this task. Once you feel comfortable with how these skills work, speak with me again to begin your test.


Track Down Ang the Ephemeral


This is a rather easy quest. The enemies will appear one at a time, and as one dies another will appear. If you have a party of henchmen then the battles will be extremely simple, though even without them the challenge is minimal. If without henchmen, consider setting up Spirits before accepting the quest. Place a spirit of Pain just inside the courtyard, then quickly speak to Professor Gai to trigger the quest. Use Union if you should find yourself low on health. The spirit should last through the first minions, giving you a considerable edge. When the quest is complete, speak to Professor Gai for your reward.


  • The title could be a possible reference to Girls Gone Wild.