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  1. Destroy a suitable target and use the Signet of Capture to acquire a skill.
  2. See Minister Jaisan for your reward.

Obtained from

Minister Jaisan in Kaineng Center.


Capturing the Orrian Tome
Factions character



"Now that the Orrian Tome has been returned, I can get back to creating more Signets of Capture for our people. Wait, you mean to tell me that you have never heard of a Signet of Capture? Oh dear..."
"Let me start at the beginning. While in Cantha, you will often encounter creatures that use skills that you would like to learn. Using a Signet of Capture, you may "capture" that skill for your own use. In order to do so, you must understand a few things. First, common foes do not posses the necessary Energy to activate the Signet's power; it only works on those who posses exceptional power. You can recognize these powerful foes by the colored aura that surrounds them. Once you find a worthy foe, you must destroy it, and then activate your Signet of Capture, which will then allow you to select one of that foe's skills. One last restriction you must know before you go. The skill you hope to capture must be a skill type that you would be able to use according to your profession. There are some exceptionally powerful skills that may only be attained in this manner, so this Signet is an extremely valuable resource. Now, I really must get back to work.

Reward Dialogue

"Of course the Signet worked. Did you fear otherwise? Since you seem to have mastered the use of the Signet of Capture, and seeing as it was you who helped us retrieve the Orrian tome, I will give you one more Signet free of charge. After this however, you will need to pay, same as everyone else. After all, the Celestial Ministry is not in the business of charity..."

Follow Up:



If you do not have a Signet of Capture when accepting the quest, the minister will give you one. Equip it. As per the minister's instructions, you need to find a boss, kill it and then capture a skill you do not already know.

Note: This quest actually gives you two Signets of Capture, as you are given another after the completion of the quest.

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