Minister Cho's Estate (explorable)

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Minister Cho's Estate
Minister Cho's Estate (explorable).jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Factions
Region Shing Jea Island
Map area 2.55%
Neighbors Minister Cho's Estate (outpost)
Ran Musu Gardens
Services None
Minister Cho's Estate (explorable) map.jpg
Zcoins.png This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.

This is an explorable area entry. For information on the mission outpost Minister Cho's Estate, see Minister Cho's Estate (outpost), for information on the mission Minister Cho's Estate, see Minister Cho's Estate (mission).

Description[edit | edit source]

Minister Cho's Estate is located in the northwest of Shing Jea Island. Formerly the estate of Cantha's Minister for Cultural Affairs, it is now controlled by rampaging Sickened and Afflicted. The area is located on a series of low cliffs, and contains a great many open-roofed buildings. There is a cave in the east, from which one may see into Zhengjo Temple. The northern edge of this area is a beach, where the Minister presumably once swam in his free time.

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Complete the Minister Cho's Estate mission, then enter the portal from Ran Musu Gardens.

Exits[edit | edit source]

Towns[edit | edit source]

Neighbour Areas[edit | edit source]

  • None

Locations / Objects of Interest[edit | edit source]

This beached boat, found in Temku Caverns, has been made into a shrine.

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