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Minister Cho's Estate
Minister Cho's Estate (outpost).jpg
Mission outpost
Campaign Factions
Region Shing Jea Island
Party size 4
Map area 0.04%
Neighbors Sunqua Vale
Services Merchant
Minister Cho's Estate (outpost) map.jpg

This is a mission outpost entry. For information on the mission Minister Cho's Estate, see Minister Cho's Estate (mission). For information on the explorable area Minister Cho's Estate, see Minister Cho's Estate (explorable).


The Minister's Estate is the second-oldest example of classical Canthan architecture still standing on Shing Jea Island. An ever-more-extravagant series of occupants has led to steady expansion; the current estate is three times the size of the original. It still serves the purpose for which it was constructed: it is the traditional residence for the Canthan Minister of Cultural Affairs assigned to the Shing Jea Monastery and surrounding area, a position currently held by Minister Cho. His menagerie of exotic animals from across the globe is considered to be one of the finest collections in the world.

Getting there[]

For Factions characters, complete the quest A Formal Introduction, acquired from Master Togo in Linnok Courtyard. Characters of other campaigns can travel north by northwest through Sunqua Vale from Shing Jea Monastery. If in a group with a Factions character with the above quest incomplete, entry is prohibited.




  • Minister Cho seems to be Jarrel the Tamer's "wealthy patron", as part of the estate is a dedicated menagerie containing numerous Tyrian pets (Stalkers, Moa Birds, Wolves, etc.). Unfortunately, they are all suffering from the same affliction that plagues the rest of the foes in the mission.
  • Non-Factions characters will not earn any reward from completing the mission in normal mode here.