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The Ministry of Purity is the newest division of the Celestial Ministry, the bureaucracy that runs the Dragon Empire. They are the primary protagonists in the first chapter of Winds of Change.

History[edit | edit source]

The Ministry of Purity was founded by Minister Reiko in 1077 AE with the stated purpose of cleansing Cantha of the Afflicted, who had continued to fester long after Shiro Tagachi's defeat. Their dedication to this purpose and the efficiency with which they carry it out cuts a clear distinction between the Ministry of Purity and the rest of the Celestial Ministry, which is generally seen as a bloated government body more concerned with paperwork and protocol than with actually doing anything useful. This, in turn, has won them a large and devoted following among the commoners of Kaineng City, many of whom have volunteered to join the ministry's ranks.

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