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  1. Defend the centaur village. You have 5...0 groups of Kournan troops remaining.
  2. Mirza Veldrunner must survive.
  3. See Mirza Veldrunner for your reward.

Obtained from

Mirza Veldrunner in Turai's Procession


Kodonur Crossroads (mission)
A party member can't have the quest Battle of Turai's Procession active
Centaur Concerns (must rezone after completing this)



"Human, you smell. You smell... to my surprise... of light and honor. The Kournans reek of darkness and evil. If you would stand against this darkness, stand with us now. Varesh has sent a full company from the Dejarin Estate in reprisal for our actions. If we survive, my people will feast on Kournan flesh for months. This time we hold no ultimatum over your heads. It is your choice to make. Zhed has faith in you, and so do we. Will you stand with the centaurs ?"

Reward Dialogue

"That should keep them at bay for a while, and feed my people even longer. Varesh will undoubtedly conscript more locals to compensate. This darkness still spreads... even now. I can feel it in the earth, air, and water. Something has changed. Our people, like yours, know this legendary nightfall. Strange times are indeed upon us. But now, you are not merely human, you are part of this pride. I will teach you some of the old ways of my people. Some skills that, perhaps, will come in handy. First, please accept this token of our gratitude."


A Bushel of Trouble


This is your basic Defense quest. There are pretty much three things you must be careful when doing this :

  • Groups will be coming in from both directions (front and back)
  • No matter what, do not leave Mirza alone, especially between waves.
  • Kill the ranger boss, Captain Kuruk, as soon as possible.


  • This quest can not be taken at the same time you turn in Centaur Concerns, you must zone back to a town/outpost first and go, once again, to Turai's Procession. Return to the same place as before and the quest will auto-activate when you arrive there.
  • Two of the groups which come from the west may get stuck on rocks just to the west of the nearby resurrection shrine. Wait until you have killed three waves and, if no more are coming, go and check that area. Once you kill the group stuck there another will spawn right behind it and advance on you, allowing you to finish the quest.
  • Sometimes the mobs will come before the quest is accepted. if this happens, fight the battle and then see Mirza for the quest and immediate reward.