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Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Factions.

This is a listing of primary quests and missions in the Factions campaign.

Plot Missions[]

All plot missions are Cooperative Missions.

Note for foreign characters: Characters from other campaigns will join the plot at the third mission, Vizunah Square. To reach the first two missions, foreign characters can simply walk into the town at any time. To reach Shing Jea Island, talk to First Mate Xiang in Kaineng Docks. Foreign characters cannot earn skill points from the two Shing Jea Island missions in Normal Mode, but will gain the full mission rewards in Hard Mode.

Factions-born Prophecies-born Nightfall-born
create a Factions character Mhenlo's Request Plague in Cantha
Shing Jea Island
Mantid Hatchlings (Tutorial) or
talk to Ludo to skip the Tutorial
follow the next 5 quests which correspond to your primary profession
Warrior Seek Out Headmaster Zhan
Ranger Seek Out Headmaster Greico
Monk Seek Out Headmaster Amara
Necromancer Seek Out Headmaster Kuju
Mesmer Seek Out Headmaster Kaa
Elementalist Seek Out Headmaster Vhang
Assassin Seek Out Headmaster Lee
Ritualist Seek Out Headmaster Quin
Warrior Locate Talon Silverwing
Ranger Locate Sujun
Monk Locate Sister Tai
Necromancer Locate Reng Ku
Mesmer Locate Mei Ling
Elementalist Locate Ronsu
Assassin Locate Jinzo
Ritualist Locate Professor Gai
Warrior Talon's Duel
Ranger Free the Fur
Monk Stale Mate
Necromancer Little Creatures
Mesmer Cleansing The Shrine
Elementalist Spark of Interest
Assassin Opening Strike
Ritualist Minions Gone Wild
Warrior Track Down Weng Gha
Ranger Track Down Zho
Monk Track Down Brother Pe Wan
Necromancer Track Down Su
Mesmer Track Down Lo Sha
Elementalist Track Down Kai Ying
Assassin Track Down Panaku
Ritualist Track Down Ang the Ephemeral
Warrior The Crop Thieves
RangerThe Yeti Hunt
MonkSeeking a Cure
NecromancerReaping the Naga
MesmerLo Sha's Gift
ElementalistSparring Elements
AssassinDual Strike
RitualistShackled Spirits
An Audience with Master Togo
you must complete only one of the following 8 quests,
and its 4 follow-up quests from the series above;
only the 7 quest chains that do NOT match your primary
profession will now be available to you
Speak with Headmaster Zhan (Warrior)
Speak with Headmaster Greico (Ranger)
Speak with Headmaster Amara (Monk)
Speak with Headmaster Kuju (Necromancer)
Speak with Headmaster Kaa (Mesmer)
Speak with Headmaster Vhang (Elementalist)
Speak with Headmaster Lee (Assassin)
Speak with Headmaster Quin (Ritualist)
An Audience with Master Togo
(up to 7, one for each secondary quest chain completed)
Choose Your Secondary Profession
(you may choose a profession if you completed
the corresponding quest chain above)
A Formal Introduction
1. Minister Cho's Estate
Warning the Tengu
The Threat Grows
Journey to the Master
The Road Less Traveled
Looking For Trouble
To the Rescue
To Zen Daijun
2. Zen Daijun
A Master's Burden
Kaineng City
Mayhem in the Market Welcome to Cantha
3. Vizunah Square (2 party mission)
Finding The Oracle
Closer to the Stars
4. Nahpui Quarter
To Tahnnakai Temple
5. Tahnnakai Temple
A Meeting With the Emperor
The Count's Daughter
6. Arborstone
The Convocation
7. Boreas Seabed
City Under Attack
Battle in the Sewers
8. Sunjiang District
The storyline forks at this point. You must choose to follow either the Kurzick or the Luxon path. Though possible, it is extremely difficult to follow both at the same time, as well as unnecessary to beat the Campaign.
Echovald Forest (Kurzick path)
Journey to House zu Heltzer
Befriending the Kurzicks
The Defenders of the Forest
9a. The Eternal Grove
Into the Whirlpool
Jade Sea (Luxon path)
Journey to Cavalon
Befriending the Luxons
Stolen Eggs
9b. Gyala Hatchery
Journey to the Whirlpool
10. Unwaking Waters (2 party mission)
Taking Back the Palace
11. Raisu Palace
12. Imperial Sanctum
Note: Mission numbering here represents the missions' order in the plot. Notice that there are two different missions under the number 9, which are both needed for completing the 13 Canthan missions, in order to get the Protector of Cantha title. Unwaking Waters and Vizunah Square, on the other hand, which have two different starting outposts, are actually single missions and must only be done once each.

Missions and primary quests sequence[]


Challenge, Competitive and Elite Missions[]

Kaineng City[]

Challenge Mission:

Echovald Forest / Kurzick Area[]

Challenge Missions:
Competitive Missions:
Elite Mission:

Jade Sea / Luxon Area[]

Challenge Missions:
Competitive Missions:
Elite Mission: