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Moa Egg
Moa Egg.png
Item details
Item type: Quest Item
Quest: Black Moa Chick
Campaign: Prophecies

The Moa nests are south of Fort Ranik in Regent Valley

The falls are south of Durheim Archives

General Information[]

Moa Eggs can be found in Regent Valley, a short way south of Fort Ranik, and are used to "hatch" Black Moa Chicks.

To obtain the egg, simply go to and click on a specific Moa Nest, a dialogue box will appear stating, "You quickly look around to make sure none of the nearby Moas are watching, snatch an egg from the nest, and quickly place it into your bag."

Hardened Moa Eggs[]

Only Hardened Moa Eggs can be placed into the Moa Chick Incubator. To harden the eggs, take them to Mourning Veil Falls in the Echovald Forest. The fastest route to the falls is to head south out of Durheim Archives.


  • Moa Eggs are stackable, but you can only acquire one per visit to the valley.
  • There is no limit to the number of Moa Eggs you can harden at one time (although each player can only hatch a single chick).