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Skill details
Moebius Strike
Moebius Strike.jpg
Campaign Factions Assassin
Profession Assassin
Attribute Dagger Mastery
Type Elite Off-Hand Attack
DualAttack required.png   5 Energy.png     2 Recharge.png

Full: Must follow a Dual Attack. If it hits, Moebius Strike strikes for +10...30...35 damage. If you strike a foe whose Health is below 50%, all your other attack skills are recharged.

Concise: Deals +10...30...35 damage. Recharges all your other attack skills if target foe's Health is below 50%. Must follow a dual attack.

Dagger Mastery 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21
+Damage 10 12 13 15 17 18 20 22 23 25 27 28 30 32 33 35 37 38 40 42 43 45


Signet of Capture:


  • The short recharge time of this offhand attack can be combined with a similarly short-recharging dual attack such as Death Blossom, allowing you to chain the two skills very efficiently even when your target is above 50% health.
  • Also has great synergy with knockdown skills such as Horns of the Ox and Trampling Ox, for a great knockdown pressure spam, as long as these skills' conditions are met.

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  • This skill is named after the Möbius strip (anglicized as "Moebius"), a 3-dimensional object with a single surface and a single edge. Because the surface or edge can each be followed forever (as can be done with the 2-D circle), the Möbius strip is often used to symbolize infinity. Similarly, Moebius Strike can be used to infinitely loop dagger attack chains.