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Monastery Overlook
Monastery Overlook.jpg
Explorable area
Campaign Factions
Region Shing Jea Island
Map area 0.64%
Neighbors Shing Jea Monastery
Services None


Monastery Overlook is a tutorial area just outside the Shing Jea Monastery. Newly created roleplaying characters for the Factions campaign spawn here. The Insignia quests for your class will also take place in this area. Foreign characters cannot access this area through normal means, though it occupies the same land as Shing Jea Boardwalk, which has been available during special events such as the Dragon Festival in 2006.

Along with the player's character, there are 5 other newly admitted NPC students present. The two level 1 students begin with Instructor Ng for some basic tutorial, whereas the more advanced students (higher level) follow Master Togo directly into the Monastery. While the player's character is only level 1 in the beginning, the player may choose to follow Instructor Ng or Master Togo. While following Master Togo means the player will be skipping a quest, the player will automatically be given 2000 experience points and three skills, completely matching the reward for the skipped quest.


After creating a Canthan character:

  • Plain text: "Shing Jea Island, 1582 CC"
  • Plain text: "Two hundred years have passed since the Jade Wind remade the face of Cantha.... But the Empire of the Dragon still needs heroes."
  • Plain text: "For decades, young Canthans have come to Shing Jea Monastery... To learn from the greatest living hero of Cantha: The Ritualist known as Master Togo"



Locations / Objects of Interest[]


All NPCs can only be seen by newly created Factions characters.




Monastery Overlook[]


  • During the insignia quest Snaring Course, the gates will be open, allowing exploration of the area.
  • The Assassin skills Heart of Shadow and Viper's Defense can be used to gain access to this area for exploration. Either skill can be used to shadow step across the portal from Linnok Courtyard into Shing Jea Monastery without triggering the usual rezone. Bringing a hero, henchman, or other player along is recommended; they can be used as targets to reliably shadow step across the portal in a single attempt by stepping close to the portal, targeting a player, henchman, or hero in the appropriate position, and using one of these skills. Without any party members, there are no targets close enough to the portal, and Heart of Shadow and Viper's Defense will cause characters to shadow step to a random location if no target is selected.
  • Canthan-born characters will be returned here if they were in a event area when it was closed, such as the Costume Brawl.