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Money, in the context of Guild Wars, refers to the in-game currency represented by gold and platinum.


There are two denominations of money in Guild Wars:

  • The gold piece is the base unit of currency and is represented by the symbol Gold. When quoting prices, it is usually abbreviated to g or the less common gp, although it is sometimes omitted entirely.
    • Example: 250 gold pieces = 250g = 250Gold.
  • The platinum piece is worth 1000 gold pieces and is represented by the symbol Platinum. When quoting prices, it is usually abbreviated to k, referring to the SI prefix kilo, meaning 1000. It can also be abbreviated as p or plat, although these are much less common.
    • Example: 7 platinum = 7k = 7 plat = 7Platinum = 7000Gold

Money is automatically converted between the two denominations. If a character is holding 990 Gold and then picks up a drop of 20 Gold, the character's inventory will show the new money total as 1 Platinum 10 Gold, not 1,010Gold.


Main article: Earning gold

Money is most commonly acquired through loot, either directly as drops of gold pieces or by selling non-monetary loot to merchants or other players.

Other methods of obtaining money include:

  • Completing quests, as many of them include some amount of gold as part of the quest reward.
  • Filling out and turning in books.
  • Farming.


Each character can carry up to 100 Platinum. Characters can deposit money into the Vault Box, which can hold 1000 Platinum.


Money can be transferred between players, usually in exchange for an item in trade or as payment for services, such as running.

Money can also be spent at various NPCs throughout the game in exchange for a wide range of goods and services. These include:

Crafters are the most obvious example of gold sinks, mechanisms designed to remove money from the game.


Because a character can only carry 100 Platinum, this places a limit on the amount of money that can be exchanged during a trade. To exceed this limit, various high-value, stackable items are used as monetary substitutes. Up to 7 stacks of 250 items can be traded at a time, vastly increasing the upper limit on overall trade values.

  • Fixed-price substitutes are worth less but offer more stable values.

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