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Tapestry of Devotion


The Monument of Devotion showcases trophies for Miniatures.

  • In all things, there is a time for work and a
    time for play, for small pleasures
    A time for one to look back upon bright
    days and delicate treasures
    Never lost and never weary.
  • Witness here the miniature collection of
    the legendary hero, <-Name->, whose
    achievements will never be forgotten.



Any Miniature that has not yet been dedicated.

A sample display of the First Birthday minipets
Monument of Devotion First Birthday Display.jpg


Your accomplishments on the Monument of Devotion contribute points to your rewards in Guild Wars 2, up to a total of 8 points, according to the following list:

Points Requirement
1 Any miniature
1 Any rare (gold) miniature
1 Any unique (green) miniature
2 20 miniatures (full display)
1 30 miniatures
1 40 miniatures
1 50 miniatures


Dedicated vs Undedicated mini.jpg
Dedicated vs. Undedicated miniature
  • Minipets become "dedicated" when you display them on this monument. This means that no other character can display this miniature in their hall, but anyone can still use it. Dedicated miniatures are marked as such, and are easy to recognize.
  • Minipets added to the monument will be the same size and color as their usual appearance and will continue to perform their idle actions (e.g., the Charr Shaman swinging its tail).
  • You cannot have 2 miniatures of the same type on the monument.
  • This monument will show a maximum of 20 miniatures at a time.
  • The display can be arranged to show specific miniature groups or all at once. The current groups are the four yearly Birthday minipets, Celestial minipets, and Limited Release minipets.
  • Once you have 20 miniatures displayed, you will not be able to activate a mini in the Hall of Monuments. You will get the message: "There are currently too many miniatures in this district. Please try later." This can be bypassed by displaying only a specific minipet group, which is usually less than 20.

Monuments in the Hall of Monuments
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