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Tapestry of Fellowship


The Monument of Fellowship showcases trophies for Heroes and Animal Companions.

  • The world is comprised of small creatures,
    small loyalties, small stories
    They trust in their heroes, fight by their
    sides, join in their glories
    Never forsaken.
  • Witness here the favorite companions of
    the legendary hero, <-Name->, whose
    achievements will never be forgotten.




In order to add a hero to the Monument of Fellowship, you must purchase an armor upgrade for that hero (excluding M.O.X., who can be added immediately after recruiting him).

Click on any of the pictures to see a zoomed-in version for greater detail.

Koss Dunkoro Melonni Acolyte Jin Acolyte
Koss HoM.jpg Dunkoro HoM.jpg Melonni HoM.jpg Acolyte Jin HoM.jpg Acolyte Sousuke HoM.jpg Tahlkora HoM.jpg
Olias Zenmai M.O.X. Zhed
Olias HoM.jpg Zenmai HoM.jpg M.O.X. HoM.jpg Zhed Shadowhoof HoM.jpg
the Sly
Master of
Goren Norgu General
Margrid the Sly HoM.jpg Master of Whispers HoM.jpg Goren HoM.jpg Norgu HoM.jpg General Morgahn HoM.jpg Razah HoM.jpg
Vekk Gwen Xandra Kahmu
Ogden Stonehealer HoM.jpg Vekk HoM.jpg Gwen HoM.jpg Xandra HoM.jpg Kahmu HoM.jpg
Pyre Fierceshot Jora Livia Anton Hayda
Pyre Fierceshot HoM.jpg Jora HoM.jpg Livia HoM.jpg Anton HoM.jpg Hayda HoM.jpg
  • Please note that many of the statues are very different in size relative to each other,
    and correspond to the relative sizes of the playable heroes.


Animal Companion HoM.jpg Animal Companion
A bronze statue of a Black Bear using the Brutal Mauling skill, with attacking Wolf and Lynx at his side.
Awarded for taming and evolving any pet to level 20.
Black Moa HoM.jpg Black Moa
Awarded for taming a Black Moa.
Black Widow Spider HoM.jpg Black Widow Spider
Awarded for taming a Black Widow.
Imperial Phoenix HoM.jpg Imperial Phoenix
Awarded for taming and evolving an Imperial Phoenix to level 20.


Your accomplishments on the Monument of Fellowship contribute points to your rewards in Guild Wars 2, up to a total of 8 points, according to the following list:

Points Requirement
1 Any hero statue
1 Any pet statue
1 Any rare pet statue
2 5 companion statues (full display)
1 10 companion statues
1 20 companion statues
1 30 companion statues


  • Heroes must have armor upgrades to be added to the monument (excluding M.O.X.). However, they will be wearing their default armor on the statue.
  • Heroes and pets must be present to be added to the monument.
  • The pet must belong to you. You cannot add pets brought to the Hall of Monuments on a hero.
  • All pets will grant you a generic Animal Companion statue, while a Black Widow, Black Moa and Imperial Phoenix will also give their own unique statue in addition to the generic one.
  • All pets must be level 20 to be added to the monument.
Bug.png Bug! Some players have reported being unable to receive the statue for one of the three special pets, even though the pet was level 20. It is believed that this is due to the lack of a "final" evolution, e.g. hearty, elder, or dire, on the pet.
  • You will not lose any pet statue, unique or generic, if you sell the pet and tame a new one.
  • In total, you can have 4 pet statues and 26 hero statues, combining to 30 unique statues possible on this monument.
  • You can view a maximum of 5 statues at any given time.

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