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Tapestry of Resilience


The Monument of Resilience showcases trophies for Elite Armor.

  • Even the greatest castle must rely upon its
    wall, tough and strong
    To prevent disasters, to keep its people
    safe, armored against wrong
    Never in danger.
  • Witness here the armor of the legendary
    hero, <-Name->, whose achievements
    will never be forgotten.


Displayable Armor[]





Eye of the North:[]

Display Appearance[]

There are two types of trophies on this monument.

The first type is a life-like statue of your character wearing the displayed armor set. This type of trophy always appears in the personal view of the Hall of Monuments, and also in the account view if the specific armor set exists for the profession of the character currently viewing the Hall.

The second type is a bronze statue of a male and a female representing a sample of the armor set series. This type of trophy only appears in the account view of the Hall of Monuments, and only if the displayed armor set is not available for the profession of the character currently viewing the Hall.

Certain armor styles are available to all 10 professions, and thus will never have a bronze statue. These styles are:

All other armor styles have the possibility of appearing as either of the two types of statues, depending on the profession of the character viewing them.

The following is a gallery of the available bronze type statues, also showing the gender and profession of the displayed characters. Click on any of the pictures to see a zoomed-in version for greater detail.


Granite Citadel Armor
Ascended Elite Exclusive
Granite Citadel Ascended HoM.jpg Granite Citadel Elite HoM.jpg Granite Citadel Exclusive HoM.jpg
MaleNecromancer/FemaleWarrior MaleRanger/FemaleMesmer MaleMonk/FemaleElementalist
Marhan's Grotto Armor
Ascended Elite Exclusive
Marhan's Grotto Ascended HoM.jpg Marhan's Grotto Elite HoM.jpg Marhan's Grotto Exclusive HoM.jpg
MaleRanger/FemaleWarrior MaleMesmer/FemaleMonk MaleElementalist/FemaleNecromancer


Elite Canthan Armor Elite Kurzick Armor Elite Luxon Armor
Elite Canthan HoM.jpg Elite Kurzick HoM.jpg Elite Luxon HoM.jpg
MaleRanger/FemaleMonk MaleNecromancer/FemaleRanger MaleMonk/FemaleNecromancer
Elite Exotic Armor Imperial Ascended Armor
Elite Exotic HoM.jpg Imperial Ascended HoM.jpg
MaleRitualist/FemaleAssassin MaleAssassin/FemaleRitualist


Elite Sunspear Armor Primeval Armor
Elite Sunspear HoM.jpg Primeval HoM.jpg
MaleParagon/FemaleParagon MaleWarrior/FemaleElementalist

Eye of the North[]

Silver Eagle Armor
Silver Eagle HoM.jpg


Your accomplishments on the Monument of Resilience contribute points to your rewards in Guild Wars 2, up to a total of 8 points, according to the following list:

Points Requirement
1 Any armor statue
1 3 armor statues
2 5 armor statues (full display)
1 7 armor statues
1 Kurzick or Luxon armor statue
1 Vabbian armor statue
1 Obsidian armor statue


  • You can view a maximum of 5 statues at any given time.
  • Only Elite Armor sets can be added to this monument.
  • All four body pieces of the armor set must be worn in order to add it to the monument. The headpiece is not required, although it will be displayed on the statue anyway if one exists for that set.
  • Salvaging or otherwise destroying pieces of an already-displayed armor set will not remove the statue from this monument.
  • In the account view of the Hall of Monuments, the current character will appear wearing the displayed armor, not the one who originally submitted the set. If the current profession does not have that armor style available, a generic bronze statue will be displayed instead. This statue is smaller than the others, and shows a male and a female of one of the available sets for that style. The faces and skin in the bronze statues are plain black.
  • All armor on the displayed statues will take on the color of the chest piece you are wearing when you enter the Hall. If you are not wearing a chest piece when you enter the Hall, the statues will retain the color from your last visit. Changing armor while in the hall will not change the color on the statues, unless you display a new armor set or rearrange the statues. If you reset the color while wearing a pre-October 25, 2006 update dye color, the armor colors will be set to default for that profession, or to red for Eye of the North armor sets.
  • Prophecies elite armor sets will not have their true name displayed on the statue, but instead will have a generic name made up of three parts: the first part will be the crafting location, "Granite Citadel" or "Marhan's Grotto," the second part will be either "Elite," "Exclusive," or "Ascended," and the third part is always "Armor." The following table shows how each individual armor will be named on the monument.
  Granite Citadel Marhan's Grotto
  Elite Exclusive Ascended Elite Exclusive Ascended
Warrior -- Dragon Platemail Charr Hide Gladiator Templar
Ranger Fur-Lined Studded Leather -- Druid -- Drakescale
Monk Flowing Woven Judge Saintly Labyrinthine --
Necromancer -- Cabal Cultist Profane Necrotic Scar Pattern
Mesmer Noble -- Elegant Enchanter Rogue --
Elementalist Flameforged Iceforged -- -- Stormforged Stoneforged
  • For example, Necromancer Elite Necrotic armor would display as "Marhan's Grotto Exclusive Armor."
  • You would have to purchase armor for at least two different classes to have all six possible statues on the account-based monument.
  • Warrior Silver Eagle armor, being the only Deldrimor armor that is a complete set, is the only Deldrimor armor that can be displayed here.
  • Different professions have a different number of elite armor sets available to them, which determines the maximum number of submissions on the character-based monument.
  • There can be a maximum of 20 unique armor trophies on the account-based monument.
  • You can use the account-based Hall of Monuments to preview armor sets you do not own on a particular character, as long as you have it on another character. For example, if you get Primeval armor on your Ranger, and wish to see what a Primeval set would look like on your Monk, simply add the Primeval armor to your Ranger's Hall of Monuments, return on your Monk, and make the Hall of Monuments account-based, then cycle through the displayed armors until you see the one you want.
  • You can also preview a full set of armor in any dye color, unlike the Dye Preview panel, which only lets you preview one piece at a time. Simply dye your chest piece (it can be any armor, as long as you're wearing it) to the color you want and enter the Hall of Monuments. All displayed armors will appear in that color.

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