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Tapestry of Valor


The Monument of Valor showcases trophies for Destroyer, Tormented weapons, and Oppressor's weapons.

  • A hero's greatest weapons are courage of
    heart, unchained
    Strength of soul and rightful fury
    Never to be vanquished.
  • Witness here the weapons of the
    legendary hero, <-Name->, whose
    achievements will never be forgotten.



Destroyer Weapons Tormented Weapons Oppressor's Weapons

1The Destroyer Scepter is named Destroyer Wand when displayed.

Full Destroyer Weapon Display
Monument of Valor Full Destroyer Display.jpg
Full Tormented Weapon Display
Monument of Valor Full Tormented Display.jpg
Full Oppressor's Weapon Display
Monument of Valor Full Oppressor's Display.jpg


Your accomplishments on the Monument of Valor contribute points to your rewards in Guild Wars 2, up to a total of 8 points, according to the following list:

Points Requirement
1 Any weapon statue
1 Destroyer weapon statue
1 Tormented weapon statue
1 Oppressor weapon statue
1 5 weapon statues
2 11 weapon statues (full display)
1 15 weapon statues


  • The names of the statues are of the form "<weapon family> <weapon type>," e.g. "Tormented Sword." Only a weapon's type is relevant; they are independent of any weapon upgrade.
    • For example, adding any Destroyer Bow to the monument will unlock the "Destroyer Bow" statue regardless of bow class; adding a Tormented Scepter with any attribute is sufficient to add the weapon to the monument.
    • This makes for a total of 33 possible statues on the monument (11 weapon types in 3 weapon families). Although you can unlock all 33 statues on the monument, only 11 can be displayed at a time.
  • Weapons will become customized to the character that adds them to the monument. A character cannot add weapons that are customized to a different character. This is also the only way to customize shields and focus items.
Historical note.png Historical note: Originally, the monument only allowed Destroyer weapons to be displayed. Tormented weapons were added on October 9th, 2008 and Oppressor's weapons on October 5th, 2010.

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