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Path from Breaker Hollow


  1. Search the beach near Mount Qinkai for Eurus' blessed cowbell.
  2. Return the blessed cowbell to Eurus.

Obtained from

Eurus in Breaker Hollow



"You look somewhat heroic... perhaps you can help me? I met this nice fellow in Cantha named Bahsang. He sold me a blessed cowbell that actually wards off the plague when you use it! Handy, no? I thought so, too. Well, as I was coming back from Cantha by way of the coast, a group of kappa jumped me from out of nowhere. I'm no Warrior... I admit that fear overtook me, and as I fled, I dropped my precious cowbell into a bed of blue oysters under the shadow of Mount Qinkai. What will I do if the plague returns? Without that blessed cowbell I have no way to protect myself!"
Accept: "You will have your cowbell, Eurus. I swear it."
Reject: "No, seriously... who put you up to this?"

Reward Dialogue

"Thank goodness you recovered that cowbell! Your absence gave me time to think... perhaps I'm being selfish, keeping this power for myself. I have never seen anything like this cowbell, and I do myself and every member of my clan a disservice if I don't use it to protect as many of us from the plague as possible. It is often said among my people that a great reaver guides us all to the next life, digging through the sky of jade and leading the dead to the great, wide sea in the stars. With this cowbell, I will show them that we have no need to fear the reaver."


The cowbell is always at the southern-most oyster at the edge of the wave, south and slightly west of Breaker Hollow. Simply get the cowbell and return it to Eurus to complete the quest.