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The Mouvelian calendar is the official calendar in Tyria. It is named after Grand Patriarch Mouvel, the first high-priest of the Church of Dwayna.

The calendar counts years relative to the Exodus of the Gods. Years Before the Exodus (BE) and After the Exodus (AE) increase the further the date is from the Exodus. The exodus took place 1072 years prior to the beginning of Guild Wars Prophecies. However, Pre-Searing takes place in 1070 AE.

For an overview of key dates from the Mouvelian Calendar, see History of Tyria.

Calendar does not affect gameplay. Except for special real-world celebrations within certain towns, the "current date" within the gameworld is usually only specified to the year, not the month nor the day, however the final mission of Guild Wars Prophecies is stated to take place "long into the Season of the Scion".

Calendar Seasons[]

The year in the Mouvelian Calendar is made of 360 days divided into 4 seasons, dedicated to the 4 elements:

Name Season Days Element
Spring Season of the Zephyr 1~90 Air
Summer Season of the Phoenix 91~180 Fire
Fall Season of the Scion 181~270 Water
Winter Season of the Colossus 271~360 Earth

Note that, although the Mouvelian calendar and Dynastic Reckoning use the same names for the seasons, the elements associated with the last two seasons differ in the two calendars, and the Mouvelian calendar does not explicitly associate any of the seasons with specific gods.

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