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Disambiguous.png This article is about the structure. For the effect generated by these structures, see Mursaat Tower (effect).

Mursaat Tower


Mursaat Towers are special watchtowers that the Mursaat built in various strategic locations on the Ring of Fire Islands. When they are not powered, they are nothing more than furniture.

A Mursaat Tower is powered by an Ether Seal. As long as the Seal is intact, the Tower will emit the effect Mursaat Tower on all who stand around it. A powered up Tower can be easily spotted due to the wide glowing circle around it (which also represents the range of its spell) and the beam of light shooting from it into the sky.

When you are in the vicinity of a powered tower, you lose 2 energy per second and 1 pip of energy recovery (for a net result of -2 1/3 energy per second) and all enchantments. Additionally, the Tower's area of effect prevents the casting of Enchantments while in the Seal's range. This makes the towers a lot more formidable than they look.

The best way to defeat them is to let a Ranger or Elementalist lure the Jade Armors away from the tower and kill them. Then wait for everyone to regenerate their energy and go and kill the Ether Seal as quickly as possible before your energy degenerates.


  • A very effective way to kill an Ether Seal in a Mursaat Tower is to have an Elementalist bring along Mark of Rodgort and a fire AoE skill (e.g., Meteor Shower). Cast Meteor Shower first followed by Mark and you will have 10 seconds of near constant damage and burning. If you get this combo off right off the bat you will still be doing damage despite energy depletion. Similarly, other AoE spells work well too as the Seal can't flee their effect. Maelstrom can provide both minor damage and heavy disruption
  • Note that Glyph of Energy and Glyph of Lesser Energy allow you to cast spells even when completely drained of energy.
  • Signets available to most spellcasters are option too. Mesmers can use them to interrupt Seals' spells and Monks can provide at least some healing when drained.
  • Also, do not underestimate attacking target with wand or staff, which over several casters can provide a decent damage boost.