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Disambiguous.png This article is about the effect. For the structure that emits this effect, see Mursaat Tower.
Effect details
Mursaat Tower (effect)
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Object effect
Object: Mursaat Tower

Removes any enchantments, damages players, drains 2 Energy per second, and causes -1 Energy degeneration.


Mursaat Tower is an environmental effect that is generated by a powered up Mursaat Tower. Once every 12 seconds, this spell will:

  • Remove all Enchantments
  • Deal 20 damage to players

It will always (while the tower is active):

  • Drain 2 Energy per second,
  • Causes -1 energy degeneration.

The Mursaat Tower's Area of Effect is indicated by a golden glowing circle, similar to Ward Against Melee, but with a much greater radius. Only with a long range bow can the Ether Seal powering the Tower be attacked without having to enter the area of effect.

The mechanics of this effect come in two components: The energy drain of 2 per second takes place all the time, while the enchantment removal, energy degeneration and 20 damage take place with a sound similar to Chain Lightning coupled with the appearance of the effect's icon on the Effects Monitor. The duration of that icon is limited and it will disappear after a while and with it, the three effects, while the -2 energy loss will continue. The tower is able to put it back on shortly after however.

The net sum of the effects above is that the area around the tower becomes a deadzone for spells. This means that Elementalists and (more dangerously) Monks become useless. For this reason, it is imperative for players to lure any units around the tower away from the tower, at least to the point where their spell-casters are outside the glowing circle.

A particularly effective tactic to counter this skill is to use a Beast Mastery Ranger, who is able to send his pet into combat, and activate energy-using damage skills without ever entering the range of the Mursaat Tower. Warriors using adrenaline-based skills and attacks are also effective since they do not rely on energy.