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N.O.X. deactivated.jpg
Species: Golem
Profession: NA NA-icon.png
Level(s): 29


N.O.X. is a Golem boss trying to assassinate Prince Bokka in the quest Deactivating N.O.X.


Skills used[]

Used once at beginning of battle:

While health is more than 50%:

After health is below 50%:


  • N.O.X. is an extremely tough opponent. It has massive amounts of health, and will take an incredibly long time to kill even with a prepared group. At the start of the fight, it will summon Bit Golems. These are pretty weak and not much of a threat. However, after a certain amount of time, Prince Bokka will escape, and N.O.X. will become enraged. From this point on, it will summon Fire Bit Golems, Thunder Bit Golems, Phantom Bit Golems, Breaker Bit Golems, and Rectifier Bit Golems. The Fire, Thunder, and Phantom Golems don't attack or use skills themselves, but N.O.X.'s skills will be more powerful depending on how many of them are in existence. The Breaker Golems do a minor amount of damage and inflict conditions. The Rectifier Golems heal N.O.X.
  • N.O.X.ion Buster is impossible to interrupt while Countdown is active. Disabling the skill, however, will still prevent it from triggering. This skill can one-hit kill a person, especially if they have death penalty. Numbers will appear over N.O.X.'s head telling you how many seconds are left in the countdown.
  • Even with this limitation, interrupts are extremly useful against N.O.X. Most of his skills are spells, so dazing it is very effective.
  • It is important to kill the Bit Golems, because while they aren't a threat themselves, they make N.O.X. more dangerous. N.O.X. Fire, Thunder, and Phantom can easily wipe out the entire party if there are too many golems. Alternately, if N.O.X. is constantly dazed (such as from Broad Head Arrow), the Bit Golems can be ignored since they are only effective when N.O.X. can finish using his skills.


  • This creature uses the "Sinister Golem" skin, which a player can turn into by using a Sinister Automatonic.