Nahpui Quarter (outpost)

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Nahpui Quarter
Nahpui Quarter (outpost).jpg
Mission outpost
Campaign Factions
Region Kaineng City
Party size 8
Map area 0.33%
Neighbors Wajjun Bazaar
Services Merchant

This is a mission outpost entry. For information on the mission Nahpui Quarter, see Nahpui Quarter (mission). For information on the explorable area Nahpui Quarter, see Nahpui Quarter (explorable).

Description[edit | edit source]

Though it appears to be just another of Kaineng City's numerous slum districts, the Nahpui Quarter is actually home to the Adepts who serve Suun, the mysterious Oracle of the Mists. Within these "slums" they study the words and teachings of the Oracle while protecting the downtrodden in secret. If you wish to become Closer to the Stars, this is the place to begin.

This mission outpost contains monuments to the following constellations who represent negative emotions and evil embodiments:

Getting there[edit | edit source]

Nahpui Quarter is at the southern end of Wajjun Bazaar and can be easily reached from the Marketplace. However, to gain access, the quest Closer to the Stars must be followed through to completion.

Exits[edit | edit source]

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The Nahpui Quarter mission is one of the few places where celestial weapons can be found.