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  1. Collect 2 juvenile termite legs and bring them back to Nenah. You have collected X of 2 juvenile termite legs.
  2. See Nenah [Collector] for your reward.

Obtained from

Nenah in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan


Nightfall character



"What's a collector you ask? Well, as see...well, a collector collects. They collect stuff. Some collect things that they need for their jobs. Some want to make useful items from the stuff they collect. But those aren't TRUE collectors. True collectors are in it for the pure thrill of collecting. We get great satisfaction from reaching our collecting goals. Sounds fun, huh? If you collect some juvenile termite legs for me, I'll give you this belt pouch. It's not big enough to hold my collections anymore. Sounds like a fair trade, right?"

Reward Dialogue

"Perfect! Enjoy your belt pouch. Remember to talk to collectors when you see them. You never know what kind of stuff they'll want or what they might have to offer in return."


The easiest places to get them is probably north-west of the Great Hall, or south-west, at the mouth of the river. Once you have acquired two Juvenile Termite Legs, go to Nenah and exchange them for a Belt Pouch. Once exchanged, talk to her to complete the quest.