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  1. Add at least one henchman to your party and speak to Jibehr.

Obtained from

Jibehr in Chahbek Village


Nightfall Character
Quiz the Recruits
Not having taken and/or completed the quest A Friend In Need from Kina in Kamadan



"Remember, Sunspears never fight alone. Standing next to me is the newest batch of reserve recruits. They're called henchmen. They are eager and waiting for leaders like you to take them into battle and out on adventures. Should you ever need their service, feel free to add one or more to your party. Why don't you go and introduce yourself? Add at least one henchman to your party and then come back to talk to me."
Accept: "Sure, I've always wanted my own henchmen."
Reject: "Sorry, but this party's full."

Reward Dialogue

"Ah, I see you've made a new friend. You'll find henchmen will come in very handy during your travels. Get to know them well and you'll be able to play to their strengths and curb their weaknesses."


The most difficult thing about this quest is to notice that it has become available after you've completed Quiz the Recruits. The actual quest is trivial. Add any henchman to your party, then talk to Jibehr for your reward. It is not actually necessary to have the henchman in your party when you do the mission.


  • You're better off doing the A Friend In Need quest, which offers more gold reward for basically the same quest.