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A newbie is a player new to the game or a task. The connotations differ depending on the context and the circumstance:

  • New and inexperienced: A player who says, "I'm a newbie" means that they are inexperienced; they might offer this as an excuse for getting lost or not knowing which foes to target. Similarly, a veteran might ask, "any newbies here?" when offering assistance to first-timers.
  • Ignorant, unaware or clueless: A negative usage offered by some to criticize a player who made a bad move (e.g. over-aggro'd or set-off traps). For example, "Are you a noob?!!!" Also used as a term of exclusion, e.g. "LFG: mish (no n00b)," would be a party-search request for veterans.
  • Obnoxious, uncooperative or does not listen: Players who rush into battle without paying attention to the team leader's instructions are also referred to as newbies. This usage also applies to those who refuse to heed advice from others on the team. For example, "don't be a newbie; wait for the ranger to pull the group to the choke point." See also: Kilroy Stonekin.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • See Wikipedia's newbie article.
  • The are many variants of the name, most of which have their origin in leetspeak: e.g. nOOb, n00b, nooblet, noob sauce, noobinator.