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Nicholas the Traveler
Nicholas the Traveler
Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 20
[[File:Nicholas_the_Traveler_location_Ascalon Foothills.jpg|200px]]
Current location

Last update: Thursday, 05:54 (UTC)

Nicholas the Traveler is a collector who travels all over Tyria, handing out Gifts of the Traveler to adventurers intrepid enough to collect the various items he requests. His location and requested item changes every Monday at 15:00 UTC.

Current location

Nicholas the Traveler is currently collecting 3 Leathery Claw in Ascalon Foothills .

  • See the collections archive and the dialogue archive for historical data.
  • If he fails to appear, check to see whether you have an active quest that affects the foes spawning in the area.



  • Each account is limited to 5 gifts per week.
  • If you are in the same area as Nicholas when the change occurs, he and Yakkington will still appear, but he will not offer any dialogue.
  • As with most NPCs, Nick's appearance can be suppressed by active quests in the area. You can usually fix this by dropping (or completing) local quests or returning with a different character.
    • This can be more difficult in the Kryta region of Tyria, since it is not always easy to tell which part of the War in Kryta might be affecting this. The most reliable work-around is to return with a character at a different point in the storyline. Alternative, you can wait, since ANet usually fixes the problem within 24-48 hours.
  • He follows an itinerary of 137 weekly locations (~2.6 years), which covers every vanquishable area in Guild Wars plus The Undercity. The same locations are items are being used for the second cycle, but he is not visiting them in the same order.

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Historical note Historical note: This NPC was added as part of the 4th Year Anniversary Update.