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This page is used to collect historical information on Nicholas the Traveler's collections. Please use the Talk page to discuss possible patterns.

Summary notes[]

These deal with the order that Nick visited locations during his original collection cycle. There are currently no plans to compile a similar trivia list for his second cycle.

  • Nick spent an average of 3 weeks at a time on each continent.
    • His longest layover was 6 weeks, which occurred twice, both in Tyria:
      • August 31 – October 11, 2009
      • August 23 – October 3, 2010
    • His longest furlough away from any continent was 12 weeks, after he had finished visiting every area in Cantha and had to wrap up the other continents, from September 12 – November 28, 2011.
    • When distinguishing Prophecies areas from Eye of the North areas in Tyria, only once did he visit EotN twice in the same visit to Tyria — between 31 May – 14 June 2010.
  • He rarely stayed in the same region for more than 1 week, although he occasionally felt a strong attachment to certain regions:
    • 17 and 24 May 2009 he was in Kaineng City.
    • 23 and 30 November 2009 he was in the Southern Shiverpeaks.
    • 18 and 25 January 2010 he was in Kryta.
    • 22 and 29 March 2010 he was in the Southern Shiverpeaks.
    • 5 and 12 July 2010 he was on Shing Jea Island.
    • 2 and 9 August 2010 he was in the Jade Sea.
    • 23 and 30 August 2010 he was in Kryta.
    • 6 and 13 September 2010 he was in the Northern Shiverpeaks.

The rest of these notes are more generic, dealing with overall statistics of Nick's collections.

  • The most common type of item he collects is trophies, constituting 87% of all items collected.
  • Excluding core items and rare materials, Nick almost always asks for an item that can be obtained in the same area, or in a neighboring outpost or dungeon. There are 4 exceptions:
    • In post-Searing Regent Valley he collects Red Iris Flowers, which are only found in Pre-Searing Ascalon, Ice Cliff Chasms and in the Charr Homelands.
    • In Bukdek Byway he collects Branches of Juni Berries, which can only be obtained in Marga Coast.
    • In Issnur Isles he collects Drake Kabobs, which can only be obtained in Kamadan and Yohlon Haven (although the trophy required in exchange, Chunks of Drake Flesh, can be found in Issnur Isles).
    • In The Floodplain of Mahnkelon he collects Dwarven Ales, which can only be obtained from dwarven merchants in Tyria or from the dungeon chest in Fronis Irontoe's Lair.
  • His dialogues clock in at an average of 506 characters. (using his original dialogue for Regent Valley)
    • His first dialogue, when he visited Regent Valley, is by far his longest, at 1291 characters.
    • In contrast, his shortest dialogue was a mere 249 characters when he visited Dry Top.
    • Nick refers to the player character as "friend" in 54 of his dialogues.

Collections details[]

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Cycle 1 Cycle 2 Cycle 3 Cycle 4 # Request Item type Campaign Location Campaign Map
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Items summary[]

Because a few items can be found in more than one campaign or have more than one primary type, the counts in the first two tables do not add up to 137.

By campaign #
Prophecies {{#ask: Traveler index::+ campaign::Prophecies | format=count}}
Factions {{#ask: Traveler index::+ campaign::Factions | format=count}}
Nightfall {{#ask: Traveler index::+ campaign::Nightfall | format=count}}
EotN {{#ask: Traveler index::+ campaign::Eye of the North | format=count}}
Core/Other {{#ask: Traveler index::+ campaign::Core | format=count}}
By type #
Consumable {{#ask: Traveler index::+ item type::Consumable | format=count}}
Rare material {{#ask: Traveler index::+ item type::Rare crafting material | format=count}}
Salvage item {{#ask: Traveler index::+ item type::Salvage item | format=count}}
Trophy {{#ask: Traveler index::+ item type::Trophy | format=count}}
By quantity #
1 {{#ask: Traveler quantity::1 | format=count}}
2 {{#ask: Traveler quantity::2 | format=count}}
3 {{#ask: Traveler quantity::3 | format=count}}
5 {{#ask: Traveler quantity::5 | format=count}}
6 {{#ask: Traveler quantity::6 | format=count}}