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An Azure Shadow, a typical Nightmare

Nightmares are foul shadowy, non-corporeal creatures that come in different varieties through out the game. They resemble a humanoid figure (that walks on its hands and feet) with a long tail and wide demonic glowing eyes. The one common attribute of all Nightmares is that they are usually hidden and sprout from nowhere to strike at a party.

The higher level Nightmares use Monk or Necromancer melee builds which use holy damage or shadow damage to inflict great harm to a party that is not prepared for them. They are deadly to a party with spell-casters grouped close to each other and not very mobile. It is best if a party spaces itself when fighting them.

Because Nightmares are non-corporeal beings, they are not "fleshy creatures", which makes them immune to Bleeding and against several Necromancer skills targeting flesh, for example Rotting Flesh. Also, they do not leave behind a corpse that can be exploited by a Necromancer.


The Nightmares featured in the Factions campaign, at least, are servants of Kanaxai.

The Azure Shadows of Tyria, however, serve Grenth, as mentioned on Wintersday.


Region Type collectable drop
Fissure of Woe none1 n/a
The Underworld Warrior29 Bladed Aatxe
Necromancer18 Dying Nightmare
Elementalist26 Coldfire Night4
Elementalist26 Stalking Night4
Demonic Remains
Prophecies Campaign
Pre-Searing Ascalon Necromancer3 Crypt Fiend None
Kryta Necromancer15 Nightmare2
Necromancer20 Fog Nightmare
Shadowy Remnants
Maguuma Jungle Necromancer20 Ravager Shadowy Remnants
Southern Shiverpeaks Monk22 Azure Shadow Azure Remains
Ring of Fire Islands Necromancer28 Nightmare Smoking Remains
Factions Campaign
The Jade Sea3 Monk24 Tears of Dwayna
Assassin24 Deep Nightmare
The Deep Mesmer24 Sapping Nightmare
Assassin24 Freezing Nightmare
Nightfall Campaign
Realm of Torment none1 n/a
Domain of Anguish none1 n/a
Eye of the North
Depths of Tyria Monk20 Scourge Vaettir
Necromancer20 Shadow Vaettir
Mesmer20 Mist Vaettir
Vaettir Essence
Far Shiverpeaks Monk20 Scourge Vaettir
Necromancer20 Shadow Vaettir
Mesmer20 Mist Vaettir
Mesmer20 Spectral Vaettir
Vaettir Essence
  1. Shadow Beasts and Curses of Darkness are members of the Shadow Army which resemble Nightmares, it is not known whether or not they are also Nightmares.
  2. Only during the Graven Images quest.
  3. Deep Nightmares and Tears of Dwayna are only encountered in The Aurios Mines, a Challenge Mission.
  4. Suspected Nightmares.

For a list of all types of Nightmares including bosses and quest-specific nightmares, see Category:Nightmares.